Still can't remember wich track used this loop, help!

I try to find an old Chillstep/Lovestep track from the 2010/2013 era who used the “VEC3 Special Sounds 003 Root G 135 BPM” vengance sound.


I know it was a classic at the time, i used to listen to this track every night before bed when i was 16 but right now i can’t find it and it’s killing me…

All i know its a yung Lean track with this loop its called Damn Gud Shawty

Whosampled? throws up these tracks…

Yung Lean - Oreomilkshake?

Zomboy - Game Time

Clouds - Omnipony

Thank you, but it was none of these, i checked Whosampled before posting here and didn’t found it.

It was a SuicideSheep kind of track…