Stimulating involvement

casual visitors should be aware that
less casual attendance
will avail you of the not-immediately-apparent samurai refuge
wherewithin you will find succour from your restlessness

and no, this requires no sacrifice on your part.


If you build it, they will come.

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Feeling the urge to get involved now.

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open the drawbridge mods!

let’s see this fellow in the flesh

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No, maybe we’re right to exclude the unvibed masses.
Let 'em eat cake & lots of sugar
before they see nuance
appreciate backbeat & step.

To do so you must keep posting
Preferably provocatively & often
with a love for proppa substep,
then prepare to be attacked as an ignoramus,
defend yourself earnestly, better wittily
mindful that you have been invited to enter a trooglodytic community
of max 62 truehead wankers
who know everything there is to know.

so I’ll now resume my after-midnight dance.

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I hate how people don’t understand the warmth of a gliding sub on top of steppy 140bpm drums.

Do these people have no soul?
Or is it I with no soul?
Stepping along trying to feel whole.

Wouldn’t worry about it mate,
Come meditate on bassweight

True that.

Going to see Youngsta, Truth, Joker and Hatcha in Chicago tomorrow. I’m really excited haven’t been to a proper show since August.

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