Strong vowel, like OmegaMode

Hi guys do you have some ideas how to make that specific strong vowel which is in front of the sound like:

4:42: - especially this one

Most vowels sounds like they are weaker and behind the whole sound.

That’s the best I can get now, and it still sounds like the vowel is just a lot diffrent and weaker.


Can you give me some more tips on that, I read that “Redux” from ableton can downsample but when I do it just sounds weird, like it’s crushing and is “SampHold” from Serum or “S&H” from Massive the same as downsample because it sounds like it to me ?

Yes, sample and hold is the same thing as downsampling, they just come from different perspectives, particularly from the analogue and digital domains. FM8’s digital distortion is also a downsampler.

Put the downsampler after the modulating filter. The filter can be anything, but lowpasses and formant filters work well. You can set up the formant yourself by either boosting narrow bells in EQ, or resonant high- and low-pass filters.

You can also use FM.

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The bass in the second link uses the vox from effector in fl

Both of them might be although the second one sounds like talk wah in Fm8 like how Tisoki used here

I think I got close to the “God Code”

Only thing I did was use and EQ. No phaser or FM just informing.