Struggling w/ FM8 big time, how long did it take you to start making usable sounds you were happy with?

I’ve been putting in about 8 hours a day for almost a month now messing around in FM8. But I always end up making some 2011 growl bass, a bell, or a really poor attempt at a Skrillex woop lead sound. I know there’s a steep learning curve, but man, I am really sucking hard at this. I’ve messed with envelopes, and started trying automating the Hz offset yesterday, but nothing is panning out still. I’m looking for a cool hybrid lead that’s a cross between Troyboi and Skrillex, but everything I make is quite unoriginal sounding and boring. Any pro tips on FM8 please? Thanks.

Are you designing the sound standalone? Try making sounds with relevance to ongoing projects and it should be better. Sounding kind of but not quite like someone else is essentially the same as sounding like yourself.

Bare this in mind, Skrillex probably made all his leads and growls while trying to copy someone else and failing at it too.

yeah standalone. I’m just concerned that I’ll start a track and then start grinding out on FM8 trying to get a cool sound and lose all sight and inspiration for the track. ive really gotten into the habit of doing sound design in separate sessions, helps workflow a ton when ideas are hitting. like I got this idea from KTN to just throw on 5 guitar pedals on a sound and bounce that out. threw that into Sampler and actually I got some crazy sounds I’d never heard before. but just not dope enough still, not as percussive yet evolving like I want it, prob due to the source sound being mediocre. i could try coming up w/ sounds on the fly though, im willing to try anything

That’s fine though, you can save it and come back to it later. Maybe take it out and put it in a new track further down the line or something.

Its cool to be able to make a really nice and unique sound but sometimes you have to work quickly to get it over with, even if you constantly bouncing audio so you don’t go back.

Also try testing how things work by messing with lots of since waves first.