Struggling with my sub

Easy, writing a new one and wanting make a sub bass sound in the vein of


I figured it is probably some sort sine wave with added distortion but trying to get that almost up/down movement to it almost liker each bass note deccends rapidly i tried fucking around with the ADSR for a real fast attack and longish release but it seems to make all the notes overlap and tried side chaining but gives it a rhythm i dont really want

Probably really simple and im just being stupid


Turn polyphony to 1 and the notes wont overlap :wink:

Probs forgot to mention im using massive and dont really know my way around it where would i find it in massive?

Yo Subtle fm fam! In Massive, go to Voicing tab and select Monophon and Legato triller (it’s just below 1env tab), and go to the OSC tab and turn up the glide and mess around with it. Or you could try putting an envelope with ADSR knobs turned all the way down and only mess around with the decay and put that envelope on the pitch of your sub.

Whaaaaa to be quite honest that has completley gone over my head
im not v good at aound design i just kinda fuck around witrh stuff untili get somthing cool

Just try anything you can think of, I first tried copying sounds from other artists until I learned some stuff, and then decide what sort of sound you want to make. My sound design is still not awesome but at least I know some things that work for me.

Somtimes u can get the same effect using a sample of a longish 808

I think there is an envelope on the pitch and the amp.
The envelope on the pitch gives it that sound u need 0 attack, some decay (idk how much just play with it) no sustain mayybe a little release. this will give u the main sound you will have to ajust how much the pitch is effected by the envelope it wont be 100%.
i think the ago one has an LFO on its amplitude and/or pitch too.

then a little saturation maybe should get you close.
keep it monophonic as mentioned before and u will be groovy

wicked nice one
im gonna put up a little soundcloud snippet so you lot can have a listen to the idea i got bare in mind it is very basic and has only had about an hour put into it

safe all

Done a little more work think im getting there now

Sounding good. I think shape of the envelope is a bit different on that Ago tune. More curved you know, rather than a straight line? So the pitch drops down more sharply.

my g it’s just a pitch envelope


Yes it is indeed.

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