Studio monitors on remote switch = bad?

I have my studio monitors set up to a remote control (like ppl use for christmas trees). I’m kind of scared to use this setup because when I turn them off with the remote it makes a little popping sound, which doesn’t happen when I turn them off with the switch in the back. but it makes it so goddamn convenient.

Anyone have any words of wisdom? is this a bad idea?

I imagine you’re fine. My speakers make popping sounds without a remote and they’re keeping. Is it very loud? Does it still make the sound when you just unplug them from a power source?
I imagine it’s just the response they have to a voltage out.

Its not loud, im just being super cautious with my investment lol

Don’t blame you lol, wait for someone better clued to respond before you take my word for it.
I mean, it’s probably not good for them, but it may very well be negligible.

I wouldnt connect any of my gear to dodgey power devices…money spent on proper power components is money well spent.