Stylust Beats


Stylust Beats is my favorite right now but the only thing I have found that is similar is Buku, I am looking to amass a collection of tracks on this tip, Who else produces this kind of dubstep? Here’s my favorite track of like all time ever just to give you an Idea of the style I am talking about.


Cannot help you thats not my style, I prefer the original funky sound of Joker or man like Mensah or Silkie


I find all that music super boring honestly, I need my shit pumping, but I was a psytrance girl before I discovered Dubstep.


I understand, I was into free tekno, hardcore and dnb, but the dubstep sound is another thing, is basically something mental introspective, and the most of people like this side of the dubstep,
but maybe people who have the same tastes as you will manifest themselves and will be able to help you.