Sub Cause - Boat Land Man [classic dubstep]


Hello. Demotrack.



It’s pretty sweet actually, I just can’t hear/feel the sub and I’ve got this a little hot on my monitors?


Thanks for the feedback.

I dont know your system but with my tiny Edirol monitors, with headphones and in the car I really hear clearly the sub…Sub level is on the same with the kick’s level in mixer also…But maybe not loud enough? With laptop speakers of course I dont hear the sub.
What do you mean by “hot on monitors”? :slight_smile: I’v not produced for quite long time and l’d like to train my ears again.


I have Yamaha NS20s (basically NS10Ms with an extra tweeter) and a Kenwood somethingorother power amp but I was just smashing this DnB mix so maybe I’m just comparing it wrong.

Naa listened again fuck knows same thing, maybe it’s just some kind of freq too low for my monitors. They’re not low-heavy. The kick is perfectly fine though, I can kind of perceive the sub there but I can’t actually feel it


Reminded me a little bit like L-Wiz.


Sick groove on this. Did you ever finish it?


Yes i finished it. Check my soundcloud


I got the free download, nice one man!