Subbass help

I’m trying to make a sine wave subbass, but every time I play a sine wave, get a high-pitched beep sound.

play it deeper ?


Couldn’t you have just opened a tutorial for this? You just want answers on a plate?

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I’m trying to click the note deeper, but it just keeps making virtually the same sound.

I thought you muted me?

That looked too long for me to bother reading. I’m not trying to make trap anyway. I have already read the manual, but that didn’t help.

Really helpful?


No, I’m at home.

In the old bedroom studio.

I don’t know who Megan Trainor is, sorry. She sounds cute though. :slight_smile:

I’m not after a bunch of lives in Contra bro, I just want a kubby sunt sort of sub to tear up the dance floor when I DJ for my family.

I have some dank in my draw that I stole from my dad. The 808 cringe stuff is a bit new for my personal tastes though.

I hit ctrl-shift-del like you told me to but nothing happened.

Fuck yeah bro! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

I might just have to go with the beep.

If you think the bros into 808 cringe like a bit of subbass. :gunfinger: