Subünk - Concrete Dream [Deep Dubstep]

Hi, I’m on this track since a long time, and finally getting a result. So I know that I’m still a noob when it comes to mixing but just some questions after a first hearing :
-Do you feel like the “ambiance” sounds are smartly distributed in the mix or are they too “random” and without sense ?

-Do the drum section (especially the kick) is balanced with the rest of the music, and do the sounds are good for deep dubstep ?

Thank you


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really great/creepy intro and ambient space

also has a nice cinematic feel


I think all the elements work/have their place in the song

the 2:30 drill-siren is a bit too loud, IMO

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I feel kick could benefit from being a bit “fuller” and perhaps not so heavily low-cut.

Nice track :+1:

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