Subwoofer Level

Hey guys,

Ok so finally got around to add a HS8S with my HS7’s.
Spent pretty much all day tweaking with the high trim and low cut, also finding the best spot.
But I’m not convinced on the main level.
I can’t seem to find the right balance, at first it feels way too bassy, than not enough, but it’s way too subjective.
Manual won’t give you any level except having the speakers at 12 o clock and start at 10 with the sub…

I hope it’s not gonna mess with my mix.

Any tips ?

Is your room treated? if you had it pretty balanced before the sub, you could just do a room test with a sine sweep and get it to about where it was before. Aside from doing that and using your ears, I don’t know what else you could do. My logic is probably way off though, I’m a noob.

Was thinking about this and had an idea. You could play a song in your DAW with a spectral analyzer on the track, and on another track have the input for a mic monitoring whats coming from your room and adjust the sub until the levels get to be pretty much the same. This is also probably wrong since I’m a scrub. Also it would help if it’s a song that you’re very familiar with the sound of.