Sun City Girls appreciation thread

So much good stuff I’m feeling overwhelmed. And did not even scratch the surface.

No particular order, just the albums I listened to in the past few days and liked a lot.

Funeral Mariachi is their last studio album, recorded before their drummer died. It’s beautiful, and melancholic, and probably available to people that are not much into experimental stuff. Can’t find full one on youtube but there is a playlist.

And I don’t even know what’s going on in here, it’s like a theatre at times. Really want to spend some time and go through the lyrics as well.


space prophet dogon is the 1, brings back really strong memories of end of second year of uni for me, love how i can’t work out if he’s even singing in a real language throughout torch of the mystics

I must have listened to that NTS like three times at least. Don’t think it’s a real language - noticed this on other albums as well.

Edit: Tho fuck knows, maybe should post it in the linguistic thread.

Sounds interesting, will give this alook

In my list this is between Guantanamo Baywatch and Jay Reatard.
Not sure if that makes a whole lot of sense per se, but maybe see if that donks your bass.

Napoleon and Josephine EP is great

the first time I had heard them was back in 1992

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Sent this to ch3 on Fb but made me laugh

"In July of 1996, the group Sun City Girls billed an upcoming show with the headline “Sun City Girls play John Coltrane’s Live in Seattle”. One third of the group, Alan Bishop, had this to say of the concert: “Charlie Gocher [SCG drummer] researched the place in Seattle where John Coltrane did the session for the making of that record and it ended up it was turned into an Indian restaurant. He asked the current owners if we could do a show there and the people agreed to it. In further research, by talking to the original engineer, we found out that Coltrane and the other musicians were tripping on acid for that show.
So the place was packed and we appeared on stage holding our instruments. Before we hit a note we put the instruments down and went over to a record player and put on side 1 of the actual John Coltrane record, flipped it over to side 2 and then said goodnight. I didn’t think it was deceiving - we just did exactly what we advertised.”

So dug a few bits, grabbed a bunch of mixes and yeah been listening to stuff since whenever this thread was made and yeah def grew on me.
Heres a few bits Ive found and thought people may want.

Picked this up when it poped up on Discogs in the Uk.
Sun City Girls
Folk Songs Of The Rich And Evil / Exotica On $5 A Day

Literally can only find one track of it online so will be a real fresh play