SUNN ❍)))


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Lost my poopies when that trombone kicked in at this Sunn gig back in September.
Will watch this vid later. There was a good interview with O’Malley and The Bug in the
November issue of Wire btw.

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This right here makes me wanna buy merch lol:

Hello friends…

Fundraiser for ACTBLUE

At the end of May 2018, in preparation for their session at Electrical Audio, Chicago with Steve Albini from which would emerge the Life Metal and Pyroclasts albums, SUNN O))) entered 606 studios in Los Angeles for a preproduction session. 606 is the studio owned by The Foo Fighters & Dave Grohl and features the mythical Sound City Neve desk. T.O.S, Greg and Stephen spent four days arranging and rehearsing those tracks, and they were capture by engineer John Lousteau.

Lineup on these recordings:

SOMA : Guitar
LORD : Guitar
TOS : Moog

Music written & Produced by Stephen O’Malley & Greg Anderson
Arranged by SUNN O)))

SUNN O))) stands in solidarity with the BLACK LIVES MATTER movement and the revolutionary movement, the demonstrations and protests in the United States and around the world.
*We stand in solidarity against the police state, police brutality, against systemic social, institutional racism and bigotry, and are vehemently antiracist and antifascist in our morals. *
*We say fuck you to the horrendous Donald Trump administration and their responses, perhaps the worst government the USA has ever had. *


We will be donating proceeds from sales of these rehearsal demos to ACTBLUE’s campaign which splits donations between 70+ community bail funds, mutual aid funds, and racial justice organizers.
You can read more about their work here :

By purchasing these rehearsal demos you will be directly involved in a large donation to these 70+ causes, which SUNN O))) will make on all of our behalf.
The community of music is great, compassionate, aware and active in these times. The underground is strong and in solidarity!
Thank you so much for your interest and support.


About to see em. :metal:


Oh shit son

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fuuuuuuccccck meee.

Just got a full body sonic rubdown/chakra tickling.

Not even joking, when it started it was so instantly immense and intense - plus the fog and heavy strobes - I started laughing, pure joy.


SunnO))) are on my bucket list of shows

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Second time seeing em for me.

Closest you’ll ever get to a real pagan magickal ritual irl.

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idk, youve never been to one of my house parties before


I dunno, I’ve seen Heilung a couple of times.

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