Svvan - Dubstep Tutorial (Just a song name/Not actually a tut)

Hello everyone :grin:

This piece was made more so to humor myself than to really instruct anybody. Sorry about that :stuck_out_tongue:

But hopefully you’ll find it as interesting as I do. It samples some old 90s video on drumming with a keyboard, then I just added some of my own basses along with a punchy drumline. Nothing too crazy. I’m also open for discussion if you have any questions. Or if you just want to give some constructive criticism, I’d be cool with that too :slight_smile:


What are you using to make your bases? They sound a little wonky but I feel like you could make those wayyy better sounding. Also - maybe try finding some better drum samples, I feel like for dubstep they aren’t all that punchy :stuck_out_tongue:

I used Serum for this one. Occasionally I’ll use Massive as well. What would you advise for getting a better sound on them? I’m using 2 filters atm, a HPF and Band Reject, and I also believe osc 1 is being routed to osc 2 via FM. As for the drums, yeah I totally get what you mean xd I’ve been using the same vegence sound packs since I first started producing years ago. Any sample packs you would recommend?

With Serum, try messing with the FM - it can really help to make a huge sound :slight_smile:
Also - I usually like to mess with the comb & phase filters and whatnot and have them scrub through the frequencies via LFO.

As per drums - look around, there are plenty of really good drum packs that you can get. Splice has a crapton of high-quality ones, there are good vengance one’s - but you have to process them to sound nice.

Thanks dude! I think I’ve found something else that I’m doing to make the basses sound like their not directly blasting you with heaviness. I’ve been detuning the hyper dimension around 12 o clock. It gives it the deep vowels I’m looking for, but I think it comes as a sacrifice to the actual feeling/location of the noise.

And yeah, a simple Google search yielded tons of results for samples ^^.