Sylxnt - State of Mind [Trap]

Sylxnt - State of Mind [Trap]

Hi Sylxnt,

overall not bad … the following things i would do in an other way:

  1. overcompressed like hell
  2. there is almost no kick for the 808s … sounds muddy … or the kick does not suit well
  3. snare is too quiet (also the hihats … but just a little bit)
  4. the melody is … hm … a bit annoying

just my thoughts on this … but please don’t feel offended … I think it is better to give real feedback than just saying: yes its nice

Best, T.I.L.I.D.I.N.

Actually i agree, I cannot improve if i don’t know what doesn’t go well. i appreciate the time you took to give me feedback.

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