Synthesizing a kick that isn't just like a basic 808?

I’d like to learn to synthesize my own kickdrums, but all the information I can find on it is like “hey, heres how to pitch bend a sine wave!”

Theres just a certain kick sound I really want, and going through the heaps upon heaps of well known high quality samples, I’m talking black octopus, BHK, vengeance, etc., nothing comes close.

I’m going for that Skrillex electro house kick drum, used in Rock N’ Roll, Devil’s Den, and a few others. Not sure how to explain the sound, It’s just incredibly punchy without being clunky, and it has a substantial sort of juicy/rubbery midrange to it, it doesn’t have a ton of lowend. And no sample in any of the packs I mentioned get anywhere close.

deskstop background aside, this guy gets reasonably close, but alas I’m on ableton and am not sure how to replicate what he’s doing.

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You know that every sound you’ve ever heard consists of summations of sinewaves, right?

I know, I just want to learn how to get from point A to B. Many of the tutorials on synthesizing kicks the end product would work fine for something like deep house or techno, but turning that little “boop” into a “THOONKSH” is where I’m at a loss

Layering, distortion. Tutorials only give you a point to start, absolutely worthless if you’re not down to push things forward on your own.