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next system release

next night

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Saw him playing in Paris last Saturday alongside Jack Sparrow b2b Ruckspin / Author live and Compa on a dub soundsystem, was a great night. v.i.v.e.k. played at like 3, crowd was already hyped up but he began with a 45 minutes warm-up dubby session before getting into System stuff. would really love to attend a System night again

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First time I went to a night in Paris and I was pleasantly surprised at the crowd, vibes were really nice. I’ll probably try and hit and the next one if the train ticket prices don’t go too high. They sort a lineup half as good as the ones they had for their first 3 nights and it’ll be nuts.

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yes! vibes were really great at this one - attended the previous one which already felt special but this one even more so. Crowd are actually generally great for those kinds of night in Paris - it’s more the techno-ish nights that attract massive crowds through hype that are generally more boring in terms of the overall atmosphere. parties set up by crews like Polaar or Exploration always have excellent vibes. can’t wait to see the line-up for the next one

Shame he never released this:

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Liking the speed of these releases.

Who’s pon the 26th June then? Roll call?

Be interested to see how the vibes translate to the new venue, glad its temporary though, The Dome is untouchable

in it’s gonna be :shower:

Yep, will be there

Me too, first one… finally.

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Heard June 1st for the vivek release (as i’d assume many of you also did) but it’s not the most reliable source so take it with a grain of salt

Release date is Friday May 29th.

Shit, might not have money by then

are system and unearthed connected in any way?

I hate you all for being able to go to system. :corncry:

oh shit people.

prepare yourselves

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That feeling when you got about £3 in your account…

Or -20 :sob: