T_! - Staunch (140/Dubstep)

did a tune.


let me know your thoughts- still some tweaking to be done

feeling this man, nice bit of energy. I think it gets a bit cluttered with so much going on. especially at the 2-3 mins area.

thanks dude appreciate your input. still some work to done :slightly_smiling:


that initial drop is nice
and the subsequent kraken bass
dunno bout the sound of keyboard in change-up at 1.22…
but the vocal at 2.50 is cool
like the shimmer at 3.20
noticed I wasn’t moving
the swing’s a bit too fast
maybe cos mids dominate sub on computer speakers

second listen better
so obviously there’s an element needs getting used to.

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nice one, appreciate the feedback. Hopefully will get a chance to go in on it and do some tweaking soon