T.I.L.I.D.I.N. - Inferno [Brostep]

Hi guys,

it would be awesome, if you can check out this tune from my first officially released EP “The Gateway Drug”.

Feel free to give feedback, ask questions or whatever you want to tell me.

Best T.I.L.I.D.I.N.

This is really interesting… death metal vocals over the new dubstep… your lyrical content calls to mind vengeance tenfold though the style is completely different…

i think the mix is a bit muddy but it must be difficuly including all those elements, guitars and all. i like the video too.

good luck with the release

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Hey Scroll_Lock

thanks for listening and your kind words. Yes it’s my first release and this track is some years old, but I thought it makes no sense to keep em on my HDD only. So I decided to release it, although its not perfect.
It is not easy to mix because of all the elements, absolutely right. Nevertheless I hope my upcoming music will be way better mixing wise. I just like it with lots of elements and guitars.

Thanx again and best regards,

No worries, be nice to hear some of your more recent stuff on here…

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yep … I will … new stuff is planned for 2020 (currently busy with other music stuff)