Tal u no 62 synth

yo found i had this handy free synth in my plugins without realizing and been playing around with it

could any tell me what the acronyms mean on it, i get lfo, adsr and hpf

but ones like vco and vcf are a bit of a mystery to me could anyone fill me in, and on how best to use these buttons (wouldn’t mind getting something nasty and zomby-like in the end but i’ll try and work on that myself)

Voltage controlled filter
Voltage controlled oscillator
Digitally controlled oscillator

The VCF here is a pretty basic filter with envelope control and an LFO that can be modulated with keyboard input. The whole voltage controlled thing is just a hardware emulation.

Looks like a great simple synth. I hate synths like Massive that try to incorporate everything
(poorly). A basic synth that sounds good will do. We can make FX chains ourselves thank you.


Voltage Controlled Amplifier.

Voltage controls were an analogue medium used before the digital MIDI.

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yeah it’s cool

this was interesting if anyone else has this

anyone know what kybd and pwm mean?

Keyboard (follow) and pulse width modulation.

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This is a great free VST. Defo give it a fair trial run. I used to use it all the time. Maybe time to bust it out again.

thanks guys, yeah it’s cool i’m gonna use it a lot

1 last question

why is there a button that says ‘panic’ on it, that doesn’t seem to do anything…

I have that plugin

Panic stops the sound when it goes crazy long & never ends i believe

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Panic sends a midi note off message I think. Or it clears the memory of midi messages. But yea if you ever get a stuck note u hit that

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Emulator of a Juno 60, the most organic electronic instrument I’ve ever played and am proud to own.

I really want one.
Like really really

No AU (64bit) :cry: