Tarantula - What's Up B****? (Original Mix)

Yooo guys I’ve been inactive for a while but… ‘What’s Up B****?’ IS FINALLY OUT!!! Hopefully you guys like it, I’ve given it my absolute sound :slight_smile: .

I would love to hear your opinion so don’t hesitate on giving me your thought, I would love to know!!

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I like it.

To my opinion (but I’am on laptop speaker. I’ll give it a listen on decent sound system later today) :

The + :

  • Awesome ambient sounds
  • Sound powerful and with lots of energy
  • If you’re not a drummer you should become one. Pretty good lead of the drum part

The - :

  • I think the sound that you have with a high pitched res freq (key like) doesn’t fit with your dub step woo woo woo woo stuff
  • Maybe you could take advantage of those awesome ambient sound to create a real space (not sure of that. Will edit when listen to a decent sound system)
  • If this the structure would gain in being simplified.

Only my opinion ! Worth what it worth


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I’ll defo look into “The -” and create a better VIP mix or maybe you could even try remixing this if you wish. Thanks for the feedback :smiley:

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Never could remix a dub step. Not pretty sure about why. I’ll listen to it again later in the day. Very cool track !

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    This is original af, and I'm actually bobbin my head to it.

     I'm starting to realize that dsf has got a bit of talent. 

           Keep it up man.
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yh, since 1981 iirc… :grin:

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only real thing that sticks out to me is how small the snare sounds, could make it more present in the mix next time

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Hey thanks for the comment!! In the mix it has the same dbs as the kick but I think it is probably the snare in general that it’s kinda short and tonal. In fact, now that I double hear it, it doesn’t stand out that much so thanks for that!!!

Thanks Zirch!!! Will be making better tunes every time :smiley:

it may have the same db, but the rms may be different i think, try using soft clipping plugins to have the kick and snare at the same level but still as loud

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will look it up mate thanks!!!