That clicky noise

anyone has that clicky sample in this tune
I hear it in other tunes but this is the first one that came 2 mind

that is called a hi hat


I lol’d…

i know what sound you mean

It’s an 808 perc should be in most 808 sample packs

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not talking about the hat
the fucking click sound deep in the percussion

hi hats don’t click they tick >:[

I think its the TR-808 rimshot.

went through all the 808 sample packs I had, shit meanbeat didn’t even have it

Nah man, it’s the claves.


gonna try some techno sample packs

mks wins the prize.

nooo not the clave, it’s that faint clicking noise, it’s really hard to hear over the hi hats but it’s there

Time mark or snippet?

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you can hear it right when the hi hats first drop, listen very closely and you will hear clicks alongside the hats, i’ve heard that sound in other tunes but I can’t find the exact sound

you’re talking about the zap right? pretty sure it’s the 808 trigger out sound

yes but I can’t find it for the life of me

come onnnn, someone must have it

it’s easier to hear in this tune lol

Just buy an 808 and get the sample yourself ffs

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ah yes, dat infamous 808 zip zap machine. Only authentic way to get dem zaps is from the one true source.

seriously tho, this has gotta be one of the easiest sounds to synthesize. high resonance on a lowpass filter with tonnes of modulation from a short envelope. You’ll be zip zapping with the best of them


thank you g