That Grime sound

Easy everyone, hope your all well :smile:

Been asking on here a few times recently for help to make/replicate sounds on some of my favourite Grime tunes, so I thought I may as well start an individual Grime thread for all of those squarewaves :wink:

First of all seems a simple one which I just canโ€™t seem to get, classic tune: (Sound at 0:13)

Second one is a rather new tune, but with an old sound (0:15), reminds me on an old Alias tune, any ideas on how to make it? Kahn & Neek smashing it as always:

Running Logic with no Massive, safe! :smile:

I second this

kahn and neek one is a kick layered with a drone sound. one from the plastician clip is a kick layered with a bass sound that sounds like it has a low pass filter on the attack or summink