The 10 seconds tuna competition

easy, as suggested in the sample competition ideas thread:

  • make a piece of music that is inspiring, universal, blah-blah, da-da-da, optimistic, futuristic, sentimental, emotional
  • it must last less than 10 seconds
  • i would say no limitations in terms of what you can use but happy to reconsider if you devious fucks want to make it more of a challenge
  • winner gets nothing
  • deadline for submissions: 10/10/16, 7:46pm CEST

who’s in?

@_ronzlo @Ag_U @Tolsof @Samuel_L_Damnson @swerver @RKM @dansci @cyclopian @BudSpencertron

tag your friends to totally bean them


@Jizz @hubb

I am in for real


so like 11bpm ?



im in like like im in: a bin !

Will try to get something together. Probably something that fits this forum a bit better than the last one. :badteeth:

Not sure this is something I can do lol


Lol, noise wall incoming. This is great, I’m in

edited the deadline in the op

10 seconds from now, GO


Would it be clever enough for the win to post a 10 second clip of ultra/infra-sound with some secret message hidden within as a morse code or some shit?

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little known fact: this is exactly what brian eno did with the windows 95 startup sound

this is why people who used windows 95 for a long enough period of time subconsciously desire to french kiss bill gates

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most of my tracks don’t get much longer than 10 seconds so i might try and enter this one :badteeth:, will depend on when I can get in the studio tho

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ooh fun


I’ll do a gabber punk remix of the Windows 95 theme.

Just finished mine :slight_smile: