The 40 best Dubstep tracks as told by Fact

Hold onta ya butts!

So before we drown in a chorus of “where’s [insert record here]?!” tweets, here are some of the restrictions we put on it. First, because dubstep was such a vinyl-focused genre in both its principles and practicalities, we wanted to focus on records. Both A-sides and B-sides are taken into account when ranking these releases, and if something was only released as part of an album, it doesn’t count (so no ‘E-Trips’, no ‘Intensive Snare’ and, sorry folks, no ‘Archangel’).

Second, although there are records on this list that musically have as much in common with grime and garage as they do dubstep, we tried to make sure that everything included fits into the dubstep world/movement/scene before it did any other – whether that’s due to the label it was on, the DJs that were playing it, or simply where it made most impact. When it came to records like ‘Hyph Mngo’, ‘CMYK’ and ‘Maybes’, we decided that they were too far removed from dubstep to qualify.

Third, timeframe. We’ve deliberately focused on dubstep’s peak period (call it roughly 2005-2009), partially because that’s when it was developing most rapidly, partially because that’s when it seemed like most like a movement, before things splintered, and partially because that’s just when the best records came out. No shade aimed at System, Deep Medi, Kahn, Tectonic or any of the others who’ve continued to release excellent dubstep records deep into the 2010s, and no shade to records like Artwork’s ‘Red’ or the likes of Horsepower, which just comes too early to realistically count.

They made a fuck load of rules and cut loads of stuff out for no real reason.

40 Silkie vs. Mizz Beats ‘Purple Love’ (Deep Medi Musik)
39 Dusk + Blackdown ‘Focus’ / ‘Akkaboo’ (Keysound)
38 Toasty ‘The Knowledge’ / ‘Like Sun’ (Hotflush)
37 2562 ‘Channel Two’ (Tectonic)
36 Matty G ‘50,000 Watts’ / Loefah Remix (Argon)
35 Rusko Babylon: Volume 1 (Sub Soldiers)
34 RSD ‘Corner Dub (Blue & Red Mix)’ / ‘Pretty Bright Light’ (Punch Drunk)
33 Vex’d ‘Pop Pop’ / ‘Canyon’ (Subtext)
32 Various Production ‘Hater’ (Various Production)
31 Ikonika ‘Please’ (Hyperdub)
30 Martyn ‘Natural Selection’ / ‘Vancouver’ (3024)
29 Loefah & Skream ’28 Grams’ / ‘Fearless’ (Tectonic)
28 Omen ‘Rebellion’ (Tectonic)
27 Benga & Coki ‘Night’ (Tempa)
26 Untold ‘I Can’t Stop This Feeling’ / ‘Anaconda’ (Hessle Audio)
25 Geiom ‘Reminissin’ (feat. Marita) (Berkane Sol)
24 D1 ‘Missin’ / ‘Cocaine’ / ‘Firin’ Blanks’ (Tempa)
23 Joker / 2000F & J Kamata ‘Digidesign’ / ‘You Don’t Know What Love Is’ (Hyperdub)
22 Mala ‘Alicia’ (White Label)
21 Ramadanman ‘Blimey’ (Hessle Audio)
20 Zomby ‘Mush’ / ‘Spliff Dub’ (Rustie Remix) (Hyperdub)
19 Guido ‘Orchestral Lab’ / ‘Way You Make Me Feel’ (Punch Drunk)
18 Benga Invasion (Big Apple)
17 La Roux ‘In For The Kill’ (Skream’s Let’s Get Ravey Remix) (White Label)
16 Skream Skreamizm Vol: 1 (Tempa)
15 Pangaea ‘Memories’ (White Label)
14 The Bug ‘Poison Dart’ (feat. Warrior Queen) (Ninja Tune)
13 Coki ‘Tortured’ / ‘Shattered’ (Tempa)
12 Peverelist ‘Roll With the Punches’ / ‘Die Brücke’ (Punch Drunk)
11 Appleblim & Peverelist Soundboy’s Ashes Get Hacked Up And Spat Out In Disgust EP (Skull Disco)
10 Skream ‘I’ (Loefah Remix) (Tempa)
9 Joker Top Of The Game EP (Terrorhythm)
8 Untold Gonna Work Out Fine EP (Hemlock)
7 Mala ‘Left Leg Out’ / ‘Blue Notez’ (DMZ)
6 TRG ‘Broken Heart’ (Martyn’s DCM Mix) / ‘Put You Down’ (Ramadanman Refix) (Hessle Audio)
5 Burial South London Boroughs EP (Hyperdub)
4 Pinch ‘Qawaali’ (Planet Mu)
3 The Bug ‘Skeng’ (feat. Killa.P & Flow Dan) / Kode9 Remix (Hyperdub)
2 Skream ‘Midnight Request Line’ (Tempa)
1 Digital Mystikz ‘Haunted’ / ‘Anti-War Dub’ (DMZ)

Have they done the usual FACT thing of

putting one record

on each


Yes, yes they have.


im gonna give this a preemptive booooo b4 reading

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Best 40 tracks of genre makes up loads of rules Ignores 'X-'Y years for "Reasons"

I don’t actually disagree with anything on that list. The only one where my eyebrows even slightly raised was the La Roux remix.

Everything else is pretty much on point…top 5 is damn near perfect, IMO.

I cant even get it to load properly. The credits are some guys who actually know what they are talking about.
Just find it bizarre the time frame. Maybe we can get a click bait article going for the “The Best house tracks” then limit it to the uk between 97-2001 just because

I get why they’ve put the stipulation in place. No arguments involving tracks that may or may not cross over into grime early on, the dark garage stuff, or any discussions after 2009 which is post FabricLive 37 where it all started to go a bit tits up and brostep began to gestate.

And if anyone can name me a dungeon era tune they think should appear on the list in place of something else already on there?

Thought not.

yeah tbh this isn’t bad at all

no way they were gonna get everyones favourite tune in but they’ve done a good job, like i’d have put in mud and midnight, i’d have put in a looot more coki- earth a run red cmon g, cotti -i dont give a dub…

but yeah fair job

i honestly think matty g -bitter love/for the smokers is a much better plate than 50,000watts/remix

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There is plenty of stuff that came out in the last 5 years worth being on there, just seems abit lazy to me tbh

yeah for sure time frame is arbitrary just like

after 09 its too cringe to say u liked any of it

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Haha yes this is it

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No Deep Medi releases?

some commmodo or kahn or vivek or las for sure beats a lot of this stuff for me personally.

and goth trad jezus.

imo sunbeam / two faced is dmz level. don’t quite think it beats haunted / awd or request line but def beats skeng imo.

babylon fall too. that one actually probably beats everything on that list imo.

how bout Square Off / Slippin

…or Woman / Midnight lol

Silkie & Mizz Beats “Purple Love” is literally the first tune on their list to show up.

Oh yeah but still just 1 at number 40?

where were all the kutz tunes