The Beautiful Music Thread

Hey people!

I just wanted to open a thread where everyone can share beautiful, inspiring music (Genre doesnt matter).

Ill start with my favorites:
Koan - View From Above:
Robyn Miller - Un-final (Goldmund Cover): (I could listen to this for hours)
Worakls - Salzburg:
Oskar Schuster - Fjarlægur:
Oskar Schuster - Matilda:
Lost Frequencies - Are you with me?:
Radical Face - Welcome Home: (Kudos to The Returned :smile:)
Christian Löffler - Feelharmonia feat Gry:
Christian Löffler - Signals:
…and hundreds more :stuck_out_tongue:

Im Really interested in what you guys listen to. And yes Mr.SuicideSheep is awesome :wink:

Greetz Soccergs2

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Oh yes, sorrow is awesome :slight_smile: