The Classic "Take a Photo of Your Set-Up" Thread


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watch ur back ronzlo


Any of you lot got a suggestion for monitor stands?

I have to use my fucking washing basket to raise one monitor up to head hight (ontop of the ikea unit) and would ideal like to move away from this ridiculous secenario


Wall mounted brackets probably the cheapest option


I use old tax books - if you can get hold of some - which are quite thick. Not to head high though. You would have to either screw a speaker stand to your ikea unit or do I swerver suggested.


Lil yachty set up


I use these and they work well


jeezus $100 I think i saw them on amazon actually. Thanks though. I was thinking there must be cheap stand for you know peoples 5.1 setups but :confused:

Edit: woops never saw the others responses. Yeah I can do anything to my flat like drilling etc Mybe when I move ill just have a larger area and be able to get some monitor stands or something

Ikea must do some kind of mini book case or something heh


Yeah I think you can prob get some cheap floor standing ones on Amazon for like 30 bucks or so. You’d prob want to get some foam monitor pads though too.


ah yeah got some of those free, helps keep the neighbours at bay


Are the ikea expedit or whatever they’re called good for both storing records and for sticking your decks on? Running low on space atm so need a solution.

Edit - well I figure I can use a box to store them as well like I do with LPs but I’d prefer some sort of long term solution really


perfect imo, with the wheels for extra height

the wheels are actually designed for that unit, i think you can buy the unit with the wheels together but it only comes in like grey or something, so we got the black unit and u can buy the wheels separately


who’s gonna know tho? just fill the holes when you move out, that’s what i always do :badteeth:


Poly filla that shit


ahh sick, might try that out then. cop the wheels as well in case the standard expedit is too short, then again I’m pretty short myself :badteeth: Also is that the standard length? cause my mixer is much thinner than the traktor controller, could allow me to cop a CDJ on the side as well


The expedit is great for storing records.

Don’t own one personally.

My record storage unit is pretty basic, using two lengths from a sheet of wood I had to cut for my bed frame, and milk grates.

My explanation doesn’t really do it justice as to how ghetto this set up, mind you it does work surprisingly well and easy to move.

Picture when I get home.


Pretty in depth articles on building a deejay booth from ikea parts for those that haven’t seen it already:

Another for good measure:


40 GBP


Just the basics.


@CreamLord Posted mine a while ago.
You deff want something more than just the expidit, the height is just not enough.
Personnally i wouldn’t get wheels unless you wanna ruin your floor.
Much better to have the space below the turntables imo