The Classic "Take a Photo of Your Set-Up" Thread


yeah I do need midi controllers lol. any recommendations?
And I’m really the only person in my family into music. No bass players here.


You have that Hardke 1x15 bass cab plus you have that 4x10 cab. That is a bass stack. Put a bass head on that stack and that will be a rig for a bass player.

Get an amp that will biamp and send the High’s to the 4x10’s and the lows to the 1x15.

Looks like you are using it for your soundsystem though.


There was a point in my life I would’ve done stupid things for an old Trace Elliot amp. Glad I didn’t.


What decks are they and are they good? When I get a place to live outside of my folks house I need some decks


Stanton t.92 (and a t.62 on the right. I need to upgrade that one )
Yeah they’re good decks. They aren’t technics. But if you’re just mixing and can’t afford techs I think they’re really good.
They go for $300 a piece. I wouldn’t buy em for that price tho. You can find em in good condition used for like $150.


Sweet nice 1. I nearly bought some technics the other day but I’m not gonna have anywhere to put em and someone had taken the liberty of drawings ganja leaves on them with acrylic paint.




Plus it would have been a p irresponsible impulse purchase


If you can wait tho. Go for technics. I’ll probably sell these in a few years and buy techs anyway.


Sound that does seem to be the general consensus


Fixed my 3630 finally, took the Vermona filter out of my DJ setup


this guy again


love it


Lil update to my setup…sanded and varnished the speakers a little more and put my Yamaha HS8s in the mix too. Just awaiting on some gold crowns being cut for the cutouts on the speakers and to finish building the scoops!

quick sound check vid of it in basement room of Volks the other night:

What record/etc. did you just buy?

Bet your missus/neighbours love you.
Also are yiu trying to protect your lids from dust? :badteeth:


you can get wheels for the expedit (or whatever its called) which will lift it up about the same height as your dust covers lol


looks sick man, whats the grey and black one at the back called. i saw one and don’t know the name?


what are those big wooden subs called


just 18" reflex bins…built em myself based off a Fane cabinet design…EN11801 is the exact cabinet design

and @swerver yeah I really need to get the Kallax wheels! having lids under my decks doesn’t help the bass feedback resonating through the needles very much haha


i would get something like bricks on tinder blocks instead, with wheels you’re concentrating all the weight into a few spots, i imagine that could be bad for the floor and the expedit itself.

but i dont have them so cannot say from experience


there are special wheels for the expedit that have metal braces which go across the bottom of the unit, i’ve got them on mine, had no problems with the unit/floor since i get them a couple years ago or so