The Classic "Take a Photo of Your Set-Up" Thread


finally u can listen to music properly


Built this new side desk, gives me perfect access to my fav tool, gotta rewire everything next to fit in, will be the first time i can have my gear all hooked up without having to change out cables and power supplies for each thing i want to use haha


a m8s setup…


holy fuck

also how long that keyboard is -should mean its good for in tandem balads :badteeth:


yeh the bottom keyboard is just an 88 note weighted controller…then a JD800 above that, Juno 60, 909, 101, 303…it’s the roland rack :badteeth:


ahh ofcourse



can you redo this into a link?
the image is 47MB :smiley:



kallax income


Studio.pdf (260.1 KB)

A gift from me to you. A real life poster of the classic that almost got me suspended. Get it now.



Really nice.


What’s with lying the monitors down? Surely sounds better the right way up?
Get those Genelecs fixed!


Don’t think it matters too much with the orientation, i know with some other studio monitors u can have them vertical or horizontal anyway, not sure about the rokits tho tbf. They sound a million times better where they are now anyway…genelec repair depends on my bonus this year so fingers crossed on that one lol


iirc it’s about having the tweeters at ear level


Definitely but i was talking about direction, surely having them horizontal the sound is directed down?


oh yeah, totally missed that :lol_og:


Having less of the enclosure touching the surface it’s laying on should be better so unless the stand is isolated well stand em up vertical


It doesn’t matter for dj’ing tbh, for studio use it does matter since you are moving the speakers out of time alignment. I.e woofer being farther away from your ears than the tweeeter causing phase issuses. If it sounds better to ya horizontal than go 4 it imo


watching the dj is played out. let people mingle and enjoy the music. dope setup!


you went to art school? me too