The Classic "Take a Photo of Your Set-Up" Thread


rule #1 of internet radio: timezone context

nice tho, I think I was one of the very first DJ’s to have a show on subtle when they started. Hannah and Lee are two of the nicest people in the scene, so glad to see the station get some traction these days.


Uk time my G

yeah Lee and Hannah are the two calmest people alive


Running into an issue right now. My bed is taking up way too much space in my room, trying to organize the workflow and this damn bed is ruining any arrangement I have in mind. Im already sleeping on a child’s size double lol, my feet hang off the end. Its still taking up too much room. Trying to sort out how to fit a studio mixer in here.


My room has always been a studio with a single bed in the corner. Girls only liked it because they were mesmerized by all of the gear.


yeah i try to go to theirs too so they dont have to experience all the knifes and shit


bought some shit to put in my production laptop, hope i don’t fuck something up getting it in, wish me luck


just changed the SSD on my laptop IDK what you’re on (I’m guessing not mac) but at least on mac it was a piece of piss


no girls allowed imo


They would jam with me.


T420 thinkpad. From the videos it looks ez here as well, one tricky part might be changing the RAMs as one is under the keyboard


you might not experience much improvement with the RAMs but changing a regular hard drive to a SSD feels incredible


More RAM never hurts though, figured out i might as well upgrade it if i’m going to open the thing :slight_smile:
Well interested in the boost from SSD, the system ran reasonably well before, i was just running out of space


It’s amazing. It’s like getting a new machine for 200 €


it’s a piece of piss bro, just find out how ur keyboard comes off - sometimes they just clip out really easy


lollll i have to sleep in the same size bed


so yeah, the laptop has a 3G modem i wanted to switch for the SSD. The screw holding it is super tight and probably from the softest metal ever. Managed to strip it and now it’s stuck. FML


Can u cut a slot in it? Then use a flat blade screwdriver in the slot? Tricky with small screws tho…another method is to drill a small pilot hole in the screw then use a screw extractor bit to remove it


yeah googled all that.
or just a friend with a proper screwdriver who isn’t afraid to apply more force in my case :slight_smile:
SSD & RAM modules are in, just need to reinstall windows and swap the platter HDD now


I always dig yr SC tunes but there’s been some really interesting mutations in the sound lately. I think in conjunction with the video art there’s room for a whole (entirely worthwhile) project. Phig and you is like battle of the DSF hardware dorks and thus totally endorsement-worthy. :biggrin:

Murphy bed.


reinstall windows? did you have a specific reason you didn’t want to just clone your HD to the new SSD?