The Classic "Take a Photo of Your Set-Up" Thread


Yeah, just wanted a clean install for multiple reasons.

  1. the c partition on my original drive was too small, couldn’t be extended without some fuckery iirc
  2. bloat that i don’t need anymore, some came with the system, some apps i installed and don’t use anymore
  3. iLok started screwing up and crashing my DAW (maybe related to the space issue - something got corrupt?)
  4. cba with cloning shit, i’d rather have a clean environment and pull stuff i need from a backup :slight_smile:


Looking for inspiration for a very small workstation - desk, monitors, mixer, laptop in like 4’x4’ area (think Hong Kong). Not particularly inspired by Ikea’s offerings tbh.


As far as monitors I was in this boat and went with the IK Multimedia iLoud speakers. They sound great.

I bought them based off of reviews and am quite satisfied. I don’t like the name but like the sound.


I use these in my room (well the larger version which is the exact same construction), cheap, sturdy and clean looking. The wheels are actually high quality too so its easy to move around. There is a CB2 pretty close to your pad too so you can dodge any shipping costs.

Its 47.5" wide so just under 4’ but def a tight fit…

I also have this behringer xenyx 1202 fx thats been sitting in my room for like 3 years without a power cable (i think a new cable is like $10-15). Will trade it to ya for a 6 pack or a few pints haha


Big up you two - as always, coming with great info and recommendations.

The cart and things like that are really what I’m after here - desks, vertical organization, that kind of thing. I’m sorted for monitors actually (got the little Roland near fields and biamped Mackies for the mains, plus a Mackie 1202 mixer… although I might take ya up on the Behringer as a line mixer for the hardware :thinking:).

In short, getting a little real estate back in my apartment and want to make the most of it ergonomically.


My setup, very minimal

Benchmark DAC1 feeding Sennheiser HD600’s & HD25’s
All processing inboard (as you can see!)


Here’s where I make music

I have an Elektron addiction :no_mouth:


are those two monomachines? don’t think i noticed you had those last time i was over


Knobgoblin’s setup is a wet dream. There’s stuff not shown here that’d make your eyes pop…

So: my space has a sort of closet space I think I’ll be parking in. No doors, kind of an “L” shape. In the deeper section of the “L” will be a rolling armoire/wardrobe ting for the clothes.

This is what I’m talking about:

The closet to the upper left is full of power tools and stuff so not ava. atm.

I’m leaning toward one of those leaning ladder desks rn… I could make one of these pretty easily, customized even - monitor stands off the sidebars or sth.



Yup. I picked up a mkll when I came back from Sweden as a backup for my old one. My mkl is pretty beat up. Many many shows played with it. It’s had beer spilled on it and been through a sandstorm :cowboy_hat_face:
I started worrying about it’s condition and what I what I’d do without it :neutral_face:.


You mean like this?:clown_face:


Patchp0rn. :cool:





will always remember the time we were over and you’d just re-wired the studio: the look on you and your brother’s face as you looked at the patchbay diagram you’d printed out






I know it much better now, far less head scratching :flushed:
The epic rewire of 2017


nice one. I have the HD 600s too. quality headphones. thinking about upgrading to the 800s at some point <3


I absolutely love them, I can’t believe how low they go for headphones as well. The flattest low end I’ve heard out of a lot of stuff.

I’ve not heard much about the 800’s but I hear the 650’s are pretty awesome too.