The Classic "Take a Photo of Your Set-Up" Thread


I’ve done in before with the KP2 and Ableton. I don’t know how extensive FL’s MIDI CC implementation is but that is what you are going to have to edit.


Best setup ever…


My upgraded setup (temporarily) My friend lent me his Korg Minilogue and a set of Monitors. Talk about a bedroom producer :violin_og:


so little sunlight this time of year…finally got some lights back up for my cozy little mixing space!


always has to be the kitchen table


lol big up the “too lazy to close the welcome to ableton pane on the right hand” massive


topmo3 is a confirmed maniac esp with the limited screen space, how could you not close that? haha


Genelecs, nice



You need some like whorehouse wallpaper or sth man