The Gender Gap in Music


So are you saying there’s no gender gap in other areas of music? I don’t think plonking down the Beyonce card here says anything anyway - there are far more people involved in that scene (which includes massive marketing machinery) and a few female examples don’t change the overall demographic.

Having said that, I do agree that the whole gender gap thing is an artificial construct of a culture that emphasises artificial differences between men and women. It’s really strange but I do find that the supposedly more equalitarian mentality in the West about this issues is completely blown out of th water in the supposedly more backward East in some areas, most notably science and engineering.There are few hangups about women training to be scientists and engineers over there whereas in the west there seems to be a reluctance to change whether from a societal mindset or individual expectations. Note that I’m not saying that women in the East have it any easier rising to senior positions, in fact it might be more difficult. Just that there are more women entering into those fields.


I’m saying there’s mechanisms in place that make it hard to judge how important a producer and composer she is… literally impossible to get through the haircuts and different way she serves up her bum and that - at that frequency

just like an mj or prince where we dont look at the composer side initially

sorry but the second part of your post is just not true at all


how can you not agree with ‘I do agree that the whole gender gap thing is an artificial construct of a culture that emphasises artificial differences between men and women’?


I don’t even think electronic music in general - is sexist…
In fact, I’d say it’s probably one of the most open to females
because it is “new” - it’s a product of the most new generations…

It’s the entire construct of the world as we know it
that still suffers the gender inequality…systemically/culturally

and the dynamic between a man and a woman -
is always going to be different than two dudes…

I don’t think that has to be a problem as long as everyone is aware of it…
and can acknowledge it in a playful, light hearted way…

We need a tap out signal - where either party can tap out
when the wrestling gets to be too much…


remember this one….such the dude couple

I’m the Benga one ya’ll - just so you know…


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Perhaps the differences between men and women are not artificial?

Perhaps the notion that men and women are identical, and function identically in the workplace is artificial?


the word ‘artificial’ doesn’t imply that we don’t observe differences, for example in the workplace as you mentioned

what it means is that these differences are not innate and are instead, as @kay pointed out, the results of cultural pressures that either overtly or covertly influence the way that men and women think about their gender roles


That’s a good point…

Lets just accept the whole spectrum of girly and not so girly girls…
and not worry about if they’ve been artificially engineered that way or not…

  • but make sure that everyone knows they are free to be however they want.

no pigeon holing as this or that

What happens when guys only like tarts?

  • all non-tart like girls must die or conform?

That’s the bad structure being held up…
be like this or never get asked out….



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Zac efron


Yep, I’m still on the nature side of this debate.

If there is any sexism in dance music, which I think is being exaggerated, it must come from a biological difference.


idk how you can seriously act like cultural pressures/biases have nothing to do with it.

they exist in all facets of our lives (workplace, family, school, etc) and tend to be deeply internalized whether we’re even consciously aware of them or not. why is dance music some magical safe zone where they dont exist?


Because dance music is a magical safe zone.


If we look at the beginnings of House, we see many female figures as vocalists, positively leading figures in Disco. But, see how those early days were also when dance held a connect with the Church, which was where the roots of House music lay

If we trace back on these roots, we see a clear triangle connecting religion, dance and the female. So many spiritual traditions concerning dancing women, to music played by (im assuming) men. Could be something there


mate… do some reading, there are no innate biological differences between boys and girls that are present as infants, it’s only when people start to grow up and internalize these pressures that differences start to be seen in brain structure etc.


Not true at all, girls throw differently to boys to protect the womb, even as a child.


mate… do some rearing