The "Getdarker" thread

for all discussion and news regarding GDTV…been going through some classic GD sets recently, some producers who were pretty low key then blew up.

Had some pretty sick releases on their label

Yeah they have had actually…Tunnidge-Control/Decay, Sunflower by Von D, DJG-Rivet etc etc

Lol just clocked that the rivet video was posted on ukf

Haha lol… favourite ever set? N Dread b2b Rowl was big, so was Fable’s.

Episode 100 was big, can’t recall any specific sets rn though

100 was big yeah

GD should get back to releasing 12"s again.

Recently they posted an ISLAND tune in their channel, and they’ve been featuring a lot of grime artists. so reviving their label might bring more than just dubstep.

Loved Karma’s set. And he seems to have some wicked productions of his own too. Like “Static” - some serious low end business.

One for the historians tonight


Chefal & N-type been going in on teh instagrams, N-tiz showing some tunes i’ve never heard of before.

always preferred getlighter

Do getdarker only stream live on twitch or on yt as well? Trying to watch it on a synctube room but not sure if it supports twitch
fully gassed for this one either way though

Loefah Rebel just mixed into Mala Save Me…what an experience

just clocked this now, gonna listen for a bit but watch whole thing tomorrow

Is that Beezy on mic?

Yes…miss these old tunes…vex’d 3rd choice what a banger and loefah babylon incoming

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Probably my least favourite MC.

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hate beezy and that ep where he ruined coki light one

Hes okay when hes just talking, sounds a bit like Task.

As soon as the bars come :nogunfinger: :nogunfinger: :nogunfinger: :nogunfinger: :nogunfinger: