The Grime Archive

The Grime Archive is a digital archive that aims to preserve the history of grime by providing free downloads of live recordings both old and new.

We are currently hosting 329 grime sets totalling over 19959 minutes of audio.

Man, DSF has changed a lot since I’ve last been here. Anyway, I made a site specifically for grime dedicated to archiving radio sets and hosting free mix downloads. If you’re a DJ looking for an alternative to Mediafire/Sendspace for hosting mixes or just a fan who has some old radio recordings you’re willing to share, this might be something that interests you. Hopefully this will avoid people having to hunt down old sets by asking around for a re-upload and browsing through dead links.

To start off, I’m already hosting free downloads for over 300 mixes, including of all the sets from Slackk’s old Grimetapes site as well as silverdrizzle’s ENTIRE mix collection. Everything is tagged to the best of my knowledge as is sortable by DJ, MC, crew, or rave. I would post some links to individual mixes, but I’m apparently a new user again now.

If anyone has any questions or finds any bugs, please send me a message or tweet me @thecollegehill. Thanks.


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