The house thread


I think I posted it in there one time.


Hope no one minds me plugging this new EP of bassy house bizness, by Angular Murkle? Out on general release now on my label Bump Machine Bass




@0h85 you heard this


this is such a jam



For sure. Bet it will still do the rounds at festivals this year.
Norwegian label I think. Or at least Fett Burger -who runs it- is from Norway.


lol I used to see so many sex tags flyers around oslo and talked to the dude running the record shop whod casually mention sotofett or fett burger and didnt clock until like a year later that they were some big respected label


In this case it’s Freakout Cult, but it’s all kind of the same universe I think.
They also have ties to Acido, which is another great label with a lot of
atmospheric house records.

What record store was that? I went to two when I was in Oslo earlier this year, but I
wasn’t very impressed.


Filter records

its not an amazing city for record shops but Filter is good for dance music and kinda a strong underground institution. Most of its business is gear (not the fun kind) these days though. Guy who runs it is safe as fuck and told me fun stories of playing parties in the 90s with guys like TeeBee.

There’s also råkk & rålls which is more of just the massive every-genre second-hand shop kind. Upstairs they used to have this complete mess of old furniture, broken record players and hifis and MOUNTAINS of records that went for nothing. Loads of total bullshit but you could find DNB and house white labels and shit. Also loads of old mix CDs I liked going to cop. The staff know nothing about dance music so their cellar is all neatly categorized punk and metal but the electronic and hip hop stuff is just in a big pile basically. All the more fun to look through though. Tragically I think they cleaned most of this out, probably to make space for seling blu rays lol.


Yeah Rakk and Ralls was underwhelming imo and I came for punk/garage/psych.
Majority of records was pop and jazz. I spent two hours there and found 2 or 3 records
that I wanted :badteeth:
I bought a couple at Big Dipper, but it’s basically just all the new indie rock stuff.
They had some good ones in the sales bin though. Will definitely bring earplugs next time.

Went to Filter years ago, but back then I wasn’t really collecting. Next time I’m in Oslo
I’ll check out The Garden and Filter again.


you wouldnt have been as disappointed if youd gone to r&r a few years earlier before they cleaned out record pile city upstairs

filter is defoes worth, gets in the big new techno/house underground tunes weekly and has good bargain bins ive found hardcore and 2step recs in. Also you bump into DJs and shit there, I once met a guy who let me get sick deals on his entire crate of wonky/grime/dubstep shit from that 09-12 era. Got Kahn - Like We Used To and Skream - Angry World from there.


maybe more ukg but whatever :gunfinger:


Saw them at corsica studios last summer. One of the best experiences of my life





kerri chandler giving away a bunch of tracks as free dl


bang bang bang


Can someone post the link for those of us that don’t do facebook?