The house thread

good house music


What are some good house producers at the moment?

Preferably not the rebore stuff that pops up 35 times a day on NMG

Filthzilla now makes house under “Endor”-he’s not bad either.

why do i have the feeling that he’s not really making house…

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i dunno, is this house? i guess it is these days

idk i’m not on nmg

what are you into?

maybe but this thread is for [quote=“ultraspatial, post:1, topic:158, full:true”]
good house music

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Thats the thing my man. Im not sure at the moment.
A lot of over-saturation of house music in the mainstream has some what pushed me away from it.
But then i hear something like that Florian Kupfer Sade refix, and as bait as people call it, i seem to enjoy the simple 4x4 beat with a nice melody.

BTW, im not coming in to shit on what people like, i just wanna know whats out there… trying to be open minded.

haven’t gotten much house lately apart from some shit from dial and smallville (john roberts, smallpeople, christopher rau, juniper, lawrence, stl, julius steinhoff, moomin, roaming)

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I’m really into Local Talk’s output, any similar labels out there?

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Idk, but I’ve started listening to a lot of ‘these kinds of house tunes’ lately.
Perhaps more commercial than what’s been posted but yeah

Timnah Sommerfeldt & crew are on air right now - local favourite Garçon on the decks, Giegling’s Kettenkarussell stepping up in a bit. Not a massive fan of Giegling tbh, but this should be good nonetheless.

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might be of interest to funky heads as well @RKM

that’s nice

how’d you find this kinda shit man, he’s got like 17 followers and the tunes 4 years old haha