The house thread


lol cause he’s not the artist. just some breh who uploaded a tune


um, hello



but ffs
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didn’t know where i’d get best response

but anyone know anything about a jam city tune called what i think of you

listening to last hessle subfm ting and it’s in there and good but nothing turning up on google

change name or lost dub?


idk but i got Jam City – What I Think About You dub from his 2010 fact mix via google search



Whats up people, Ive had sick response from posting this to soundcloud, I hope you enjoy!


been listening to a lot of rhadoo, raresh, petre inspirescu mixes lately



Hell, I remember completely losing my shit to this in 2011. I never knew what it was though, and randomly stumbled upon it today. So happy right now.


yeah big tune

also big ups for bumping this. actually came to post in this thread lol



New (free dl)


^ when that synth comes in at the breakdown, yeeahhhhh


This stuff was great. Melchior still is (I feel like every single track of his was posted at least once on old dsf).


yeah lol. melchior is a badman tho. his soul capsule and dark boys stuff is great too.






James Blake on a Housey tip… Doubt it’ll see a release