The house thread



just got this one from deep on the discogs


anyone know the ID of the St Germain remix at 1:28:00?


With the heavy compression, EQing and filtering … and why are these hats so loud :weary:

I don’t think it’s one of the older/known edits, so I’d guess it’s one of their own?


lol club recording b2b rinse compression

yeah thinking it’s an edit of his. do want it.


Jayda G tho :gunfinger:


I mean, fuck Villalobos and everything yeh, but this bit from 01:20:00-01:39:00~ is some of the most creative and bold mixing I’ve heard in recent times. The only one who comes close to this is probably Kode9 (we could maybe make a case for Carlos Souffront, too). Try stuff, sometimes it fails, whatever, just rock it out and try again until it’s a memorable moment… Great attitude imo.


been meaning to listen to that mix…


It drags along for a bit in the first half (although you and @Harkat might get some pleasure out of the bangerz), but the second half is twisted, messy, punky dancefloor funk material.



horsepower remix i think


Heavy af


stoner chill hiphop house drop
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anyone know decent tracks in this style? mental groove, maybe some soulful vocals, even dubby


Frivolous 2007 album
Midnight Black Indulgence
goodtime minimal tech-house
best track Goodbye Regrets
it’s on utube.






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