The Original Growl Bass Thread (Official) scary monsters wip

sine formant wavetable, along with all the other lovely information you can find on this thread

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Am I Virtual Riot yet?

Am i Brig yet?

Nope, not yet

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yes !

A friend shown me a video by volt punk of his remake of scary monsters growl and I tried to recycle whatever he had in there into my own one. What do you guys reckon?

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Foty Growl…at least trying to ^^

Sup dudes. I have a few new tricks that I want to drop.

Using multiple phasers has really paid off. I am using 2-3 phasers now on the stuff that I am making these days. You can actually get a yoieee sound with two phasers setup right. I like to make a bottom end phaser that sits around 100-200hz (what ever sounds good) and then a top end phaser that sits around 500-1K hz. Automating the color is key here. I usually automate the color of the bottom from 0-50%. The top phaser can get interesting. If you automate it in reverse…so 100% -> 0% direction along with the bottom phaser going from 0-100, you can get a yoieee character to things. This is Ableton specific but on the top phaser if you put it on space mode you can get another range of interesting sounds. So between playing with the poles, the style (earth vs space), the color, dry / wet, Freq, and feedback…you can add a lot of interesting character to a growl.

The other trick is in automations themselves. I usually create a chain and map everything to one macro to make the automation simple. I used to always automate that macro the same way where I make curves that are plateau sort of shaped that would start at 0% go to 100% and then come back down to 0%. They always just sounded like “wows” If you switch up where the automations start from, where they peak, and where they end, you can get a lot of different sounds from a single patch. You can get more into “ooos” and “oooowahs” and “ooowwwws” That might be a no brainier to some but I was always making the same envelopes and always getting the same sound so it helped to get creative with the automations.

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Hey guys just finished rather long project, i really enjoyed trying to imitate Brig on growls and well basically in everything and would appreciate honest opinions on this:

Also just uploaded a video on how it looks like in Fl Studio:

erryone over here trying to make skrillex growls and im here still trying to figure out how trampa makes his shit. He’s insane, the only thing I can think of is a comb filter over a distorted sound. But Holy fuck, trampa is destroying it :stuck_out_tongue:

mm… I think skrillex takes the cake

Hey, i have got an question, now that i made the remake of Brig and got the growls somewhat correctly at least for my own liking since i didn’t have basically any feedback, have you just used the same sounds on other tracks too? as in not designing new sound on every track for example on that remake i used the same drone bass growl i designed on my Harry Potter Hedwig’s theme as one of the layers but tweaked it slightly and changed the performer so it would fit to the composition and other sound designs of course. But yeah i guess it would be easier to make more tracks with same design or if not even make them on top of the project as i think i got even effects and mixing/mastering somewhat correctly, it does sound good to me and had fun making it so why not?


lol jk but it’s as close as i think i can get

[EDIT] made some more automation:

Can anyone tell me how I can get that distorted screeching sound skrillex has on the top of his growls?

Drop it an octave and mess more with ott and phasers, should get you closer

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I like what you did with the automation. However, the processing is pretty much off…
The pitch-bend also, I like. But the source sound and processing to me is off.

I like what you did though

what I want to say, if you’re trying to sound like skrillex and you’re on FL, I’m very sorry for you.

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Ayy we should start talking again :smiley:

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He’s 100% right with this… Unless you can make some sort of complex patcher preset then you won’t be getting anywhere near the skrillex growls

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well making a complex patcher preset is something I’ve done, and it does work. Although the artifacts are way too strong and disturb the actual sound. FL’s audio engine isn’t precise enough for a starter.

EDIT: and I would post a clyp, but that would give away too much of the sound, because the creation process is also shown in that clyp and I don’t have a computer to make another one.

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