The Original Growl Bass Thread (Official)

You know what it is boys.


I made a growl, the key is auto-filter and phaser automation.

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Made the growls and wubs in this track from scratch
hmu i love feedback, good and bad :grin:

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I think i got the Skrillex, Barely Alive and Desembra Growl down.


Teach me your ways senpai…


Did this recently, Serum with some simple NI Massive wavetables, high pass filter, most of Serum’s inbuilt FX and a lot of post processing. The key is vowel modulation, if you can get a good vowel EQ going, your sound will be so much better.


SpiderPubes, any tips on vowel modulation? This was made in
FM8. The sound is easy to make but I’m not sure how to process it once
it comes out of FM8.

Made this growl using NI Massive

add some formants and peaks using EQ
make your own filtering
you can also add phaser
then compress everything,add ott and done :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

a cool growl I made using FM8, eq, and phaser with a few other ableton things

Still sounds like it’s missing something. I’m going for the scary monsters bass. Maybe studio monitors would help?

and the predator at the end.

Okay so what I did was get Filterscape, programmed in about 3/4 different Vowel formants copied from Ableton’s EQ8 formant preset folder. - Then I set a macro that cycles through them with a knob and went to town. Also your growl sounds like it’s not really going anywhere… If that makes sense? It sounds like you have a growl underneath that you’ve put the vowel formant on over the top. Have your vowel EQ first in the chain and then compression, distortion etc. Afterwards. Do you have pitch automation up and down 1 octave? because damn it helps.

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I really appreciate that you took the time writing this all out, and I managed to get a better growl-bass now than I have ever in the past. The only thing I felt was hard was getting good vowel sounds / sweeps, esp. using several instances of EQ8 racked together, using a macro to control the sweeping, like this: Any plugin recommendations?

I’m going to mess around with FilterFreak2 to see what I can come up with.

This needs more wideness and prob more distortion
try to add some chorus or and distortion and compression after filtering
My effect chain for make this kind of basses sounds full is: Distortion - filtering - Compression
so i make this lame basses : sounds like this
hope it helps :slight_smile:

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just EQ boosting peaks and find out voxels

thats a sick growl man :smiley:

those are pretty nice sounding…on the o shit harmor, how do you get the “pitchi bend/movement” I’ve been wanting to create something similar.

The harmor growl/bass laser kind of thing is achieved by modulating a phaser inside of harmor. Virtual Riot has a tutorial on how to make that almost exact sound if you’re interested.

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Yeah can you link that? :smiley: