The PERFECT music folders setup?

I’m trying to categorize my genres in the best way possible. I have spent years and years on trying to come up with the perfect way to catalog my music!

I strive for relevance, accuracy, conciseness and ease-of-use. Right now I’m having trouble with “dance & rhythm”. I don’t really feel like it’s a good descriptor for that category, because a lot of the other music genres in my collection are rhythmic and made for dancing…

“Traditional” also feels kinda wonky, but it’s pretty decent I guess. Except medieval music is leaps and bounds more “traditional” than even classical music etc…

Some pointers would be nice!

There are subgenres in most of the folders, so don’t delve to deep (The fact that I have a dubtech folder in both my Chillout and Techno folders ought to give you a hint about what a soul-tearing dilemma this is for me).

PS. No, I will not be migrating to iTunes, Spotify or anything like that. Regular File Explorer folders is where it’s at.:nerd:

Thanks a lot 0:)

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What you need to do is drag that Hardhouse file over to the recycle bin, then empty said bin. I would empty it a 4 or 5 times just to make sure


The only thing that matters is that YOU know what’s in those folders, highly doubt someone else can help you out with this without it becoming some masturbatory genre naming exercise

good luck tho i guess

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i just have a folder for each artist then i sort them out in my media player into genre

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Same. Album artist -> album -> choon.mp3


one thing that triggers me is when ppl send me dubs with no id3 info lol but i probably dont have any on my dubs either so im a hypocrite


give up now and just put it all in one or two massive folders.
compartmentalising music on that kind of scale is an exercise in futility


Delete everything other than the folders in the electronic category

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Idk I don’t organise anything so I say just leave files spread across ur PC and spend 20 minutes looking for pe$o.mp3


I’m pretty happy with my unnamed wav files roughly organized based on when I made/found them

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Then go outside and speak to some girls

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I’ve actually converted all my files to AIFF and renamed them 1.aiff through 12000.aiff

It helps my mind stay in shape by doing maths, so for instance if I want to hear Kryptic Minds I just have to think of 12*111+145 = 1477.aiff

it’s easy once you get used to it



i’m just quirky like that

Lol wtf

i must admit i have a folder called new minimal dnb

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steady on, let’s not go overboard here

organize it by how it makes you feel.

burial in :pensive:
skrillex :scream:
imagine dragons :raised_hands:
calvin harris :sunglasses:


There is no perfect music folder setup.

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Will never happen