The Quest To Learn How To Make The Growl Bass In The Song "Poison Dart" By Barely Alive

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Tbh, I looked everywhere on the net, couldn’t find ANYTHING on wetstep. So I’m trying to replicate the growl that Herobust & Barely Alive has.

You need Xfer’s Serum for this one

So far my progress: v0.1

For those who do not own Serum:

(already cracked it)

Listened to wtf by herobust and the bass in that sounds kind of like what you get if you set delay on something to really low (like < .2) and do spectrum sweeps on it. Don’t know if that’s what you’re looking for or a different sound

wetstep for fucksssssssssssssssssssssssssssssake

HAMVST can get a pretty moist bassline, give that a go


Wut… where do you find that

EDIT: Nvm… Nice one


Record yourself in the bathroom after a night out
The moistest bass lines

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I think I nailed it:

The second bass was what I was looking for, the deep, rumbly, bass thing

I decided not to be selfish and to actually share the preset, (sharing is caring :badteeth:)

Here is the Serum preset: - Enjoy and build upon it

Ok I gotta ask… what the hell is wetstep???

The one song I listened to sounded like pretty typical brostep

Listen to Poison Dart (Busted by Herobust) by Barely Alive

In the song there is an odd growl in between the hybrid trap lead, that’s what I’m talking about.

it’s just some knobs on a synth arranged in a particular way mate, it really doesn’t constitute a new genre


Agreed I don’t think one noise in one song constitutes a genre.

Also what the hell is hybrid trap? :nerd_face:
You kids are funny with your myriad genres. In my day we had hardcore and we had jungle.

Oh the arguments we had over whether something was jungle or hardcore.
Good times.

Ok, how should I describe it as?

Post the song and say “how do I make the sound at (timestamp)”


ffs people here…

wetstep is a legitimate genre



… IM CONFUSED… :hmm: