The reissue and repress thread

We had this thread on the old board and it was one of my favorites, so let’s start one here too!

And have a great start with this VERY IN DEMAND RECORD:

Gesloten Cirkel
Moustache Techno 001

Out early November!

That’s a repress, not really a reissue, no?

Anyway - reissue of the year, I don’t even care.


you are right, but whatever. I might rename the thread to cover both categories then.

interesting track, what the fuck is this?

planet mu are repressing venetian snares hungarian album, if you’re into this sort of things snares ­ rossz csillag alatt született

good shit, i will check this out. was reading an interview on fact with him the other day and he had some good opinions

this arrived today at my doorstep; I completely forgot I even ordered it. anyway - essential shit from 1995.

^^^ i am not even that much into dub techno, but this is really good.

There is a remastered repress of Unit Moebius - T Warp

Originally pressed on Blue Attack 03
Hard to get because it was release in beginning 90’s and is sometimes sell 300£ on discogs

But the best track is repressed and remastered in a single sided record, and thats nice for thoqe who like spiral tribe style. It s weird raw tekno from holland but that is in the same vain than some old spiral tribe sound

Repress alert
Belgian acid techno minimal progressive
Some shark try to sell it 75£ on discogs but its now repressed