'The Sound Of Bristol' Vice/Noisey Documentary

Kahn just linked this out on Facebook, must be worth a watch.

Reminds me, does anyone remember that dubstep doc from yeeeeeeears ago? It was Bristol based and chatted with like Headhunter, Pinch and all the bristol crew as well as bloggers and that. It was a bit like Dubfiles but just Bristol

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yeah man a very young looking pete in that too haha, and joker in his studio wearing silly hats holding stuffed animals, there’s 2 bristol ones i think, mary anne hobbs one and there’s also living inside the speaker i believe

look forward to checking this, thought this might be the one they were shooting at a night i was at last week but nah

yea yeah man that’s the one! I remember thinking Joker was a funny guy in it aha. can’t find it online anywhere.

Good to see Kahn chatting on camera anyway, that seems to be a bit of a rarity

there’s also this http://www.residentadvisor.net/feature.aspx?1360


Lol my nu leng seem a bit out of place in this. Ukf ting

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big up nice one for this! knew @pete_bubonic was in there somewhere nice swan!

Anyone know the tune that comes in at 4:34?

Music credits are at the end.

brilliant little doc… wish I was around those parts…

forsaken-taiko riddim i think

a pete tune >>

Yeah its on his SC

Such a sick tune. Cheers for the pointers!

Jesus. Hard to think I was ever that young.

Big up Pete

I remember Living Inside The Speaker completely sold me on dubstep, probably wouldn’t be on here if not for it.

Gonna check out the video in the OP. What’s the deal with Vice/Noisey? I thought they were pretty EDM-centric but it seems not

lol, not even slightly. They shit all over that stuff


Ha I showed it to K8 and she was like blown away :cornlol:

yo anyone know where i can find this? not on youtube anymore :frowning: