The techno thread


tbf other people claiming M_Rec Ltd. / Stroboscopic Artefact / … are good tools when in fact they sound like your next plastic bin.

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i think we discussed this before in the old thread, but imo stroboscopic’s best releases are the more “experimental” ones, for the lack of a better word - dadub, xhin, some of the stellate and monad stuff etc




yes we did! still cba to buy them though; there’s better stuff out there.


Ansome m8

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I think it’a my favorite from Silent Servant but not one of Hospital’s best.


yeah true. even the releases i have from them, i rarely come back to tbh.


what is hospital’s best?


I really dunno actually would have to think about it. Like a lot of stuff from them overall


some of my favourites from hospital:
prurient & kevin drumm - all are guests in the house of the lord
alberich - turned back
ninos du brasil - novos misterios
perispirit - abysmal penetrations
nihilist assault group - aural retribution
pedestrian deposit - volatile
cold cave - cremations
contrepoison - i keep on searching
vatican shadow - remember your black day
prurient - colonialist nature & misanthropy
sargeist - lair of necromancy


berghain #07
dunno why they gave it away strictly as wav tho



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Resin releases usually aren’t my cup of tea (zzzz), but this one is a bit of a banger:


bandcamp doesn’t work the way I want it to


Good ones jerk!

Here’s my favourite (techno) release of the year so far. It will sink your battleship.

These guys deserve more support.


Favourite Techno release from last year. Out on Presk’s and Frits Wentink’s label. Can’t wait for more Yaleesa Hall bits!


^ yes finji that plate is big. still hoping on a repress (maybe I already missed it lol).

btw. I’m looking for articulated, warm, loopy techno in this vein… where else to look besides Sandwell District (which imho is very hit&miss)? I know Skudge (the label) has one or two decent releases touching this vibe.


that’s one of weakest tunes of sd imo. too tech house-y