The techno thread

Post your favourite techno tracks and mixes.

Something to start us off:


there’s a whole techno section in music now fam surely just start this as a general thread there

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nah, only good music threads are in snh. should keep it like that

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Yeah I don’t know how the other sub forums are going to turn out.
The spirit of the original thread has to live on though. That nazi techno spirit
we are all fond of.

This one is a quite peculiar release for hospital productions, since they don’t deal in straight techno bomb twelve inches too much. And this might not be the artist’s best tune to date, and hospital have released their fair share of more interesting and more engaging music over the years. However, with this tune, Silent Servant has reached a new level when it comes to mixdowns - the way he blends the track’s elements in and fades them out again is just stellar and, at least in this niche and to my knowing, may only be bested by Rrose’s most convincing efforts…

it’s one of hospital’s best releases. tho his eary sandwell district stuff was way better imo; on a more dub techno-y tip

Yeah we need a tech house thread for that.


for Mark Broom and Monoloc? what?

edit - okay I see yeah I agree.

idk about you guys but i find monoloc & all the clr stuff to be terribly boring tbh

In your heart you know what I think about it.

i like acid techno like chris liberator - way of the samurai

a lot of minimal techno and headhunter - tonkin’ delight

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it’s just tools, really. nothing to get excited about.

btw the new PAN shirts are peng. might cop one…

not even good ones really. and they all have the same loud kick lol

don’t get why people go mad for that stuff