The techno thread



How dare you sound a tiny bit dismissive of Phylyps Trak?


no no, the opposite


I got into the VIP lounge at Tresor. It was very techno.


Great club right? I like how it’s really big but the actual dance floors are quite small.
Don’t really like Globus though, maybe that’s what you mean by vip area haha. That super
tacky part in the back with the bar and all the couches. Not very techno though :badteeth:



@cyclopian @knobgoblin


This too, esp. #4


the groove on this is unreal


Guys like Villalobos and Ford have an incredible sense of groove. They constantly make choices
I would never even try and a lot of their tunes (and mixes) are better for it. Mostly Baby Fjord though.

(Baby Fjord™)


Fitz just uploaded this:

Three hours of solid, deep electro and techno cuts. You can download the wav right there too.


Just stumbled upon my abandonned redeye cart with these beauties inside!


This would be epic in a club


Recently discovered hardgroove. Love it when a set progresses into these kinds of tunes.


Bit of this