The techno thread



so good init

hype for that EP now, its time we had some slightly wonkier blawan again

proper sick

Someone’s into bins in the comments.



some1 trolling in the comments saying its a janet jackson ripoff as well cba

Had a mix in the 4x4 crate last night…started off with some lighter minimalish stuff, gets heavier but not ever TOO bangin’ - a couple iffy spots if I remember, but overall had a good time so thought I’d up it…

Homero G. - “Polyedrum Tide’s Lament” (Inner Sunset)
?? - ?? (Mainakustik)
Octal Industries - “Himinglæva #1” (Entropy Records)
ASC - “Carrier” (Diode)
Joaan - “115 State” (7even)
Marco Faraone - “Lunar Eclipse” (Drumcode)
BLD - “Radiator” (BLD Tape Recordings)
Mike Gervais - “Resonate (Ben Sims Remix)” (SYSTEM)
Jay Lumen - “Conciousness” (Footwork Audio)
Lowkey & Kardinal - “Zombie’s Night” (GOOG Records)
Snuff Crew - “Work it Out” (BPitch Control)
Crystal Distortion - “Tym Owt” (Mindcut)
Joaan - “Splendor in the Grass” (7even)
Unknown Artist - …We Cannot See (Weevil Neighborhood)
ASC - “Endless Blue” (Silent Season)
Synth Sense - “Symbol #9.4” (Auxiliary)


Swamp 81 released all of Boddika’s vinyl only label releases as digital on Christmas Eve.
I only have the Heat / Crack / Steam / Black release, and I got it signed by Boddika when he was in Oslo, so second hand value is already off. Not that I’d sell it anyways.


søs gunver ryberg ís real sick

i always sleep on these danish musicians but shes really real

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Yeah man, checked it out on Spotify, good stuff.

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Sicko :gunfinger:

Polygonia is ace, always look out for her releases. This is the first vinyl release that wasn’t only like 20 copies, so picked one up. Proper deep, rolling EP. Forest Drive West remix is :gunfinger:


Two tracks with some very weird panning


Courtesy of Shante Celeste’s Boiler Room x Technics thing. Stomper.


This EP is great as well. Marbled grey vinyl niceness

Acid Techno with bagpipes yeah?
Go on then.

Also these two dirty acid techno tunes are sick

This one too.
Sounds better faster . Put the playback speed on YT to 1.25