The Trilogy Tapes Thread

What’s everyones favourite TTT release?

Minor Science’s ‘Noble Gas’ for me!

Chemotex - Schrade Knives

Vereker Slain or Anthony Naples Zipacon

Rezzett - Rezzett EP
Rezzett - Goodness EP
Vereker - Slain

…I got the most use out of Dario Zenker - Mörsin though. Probably.

the anthony naples ones, a made up sound and theo parrish ones

favourite is really a relative term here since i’m not a big fan

oh and zennor’s “tin” is a banger. think i actually like that more than pev’s livity stuff

the KM/MM one

The first Willie Burns 12" is the highlight of the label for me

lost in npe2 is the grooviest think break flip of all time

I found the AMUS so boring and very disjointed. imho one of his least convincing efforts. maybe it’s me.

idk i think it’s one of his best in recent times

it may be the third time I post this, but that’s okay.

yeah not particularly mad about that one